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Enjoy your voyage and let me care about the yacht. I manage all your wishes, plans and expectations.


As a certified RYA Yachtmaster 200GT tidal, I take care of your yacht to bring it save to any location in Europe.


Assistance in the practical planning and handling of your yacht. Including checking safety and control support.


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Gerhard Chimelli | SmartYacht

Hans organised and performed deliveries of boats in co-operation with a second captain. Hans did all the organisation and trip planning of the trips and performed very well in co-operation with the captains. He is a great team player, a hard working and very professionally acting person. He could handle any challenge that came along on board and ashore. Therefore, we would not hesitate to recommend him to any boat owner in the future for similar tasks.


Eddy Coenen | Nautinstruct

During his Yachtmaster training I met Hans as a passionate and conscientious student who will be a good captain in my vision. Hans has followed through a full RYA Yachtmaster training, theory and practice. The acquired knowledge and skills he has formed an excellent foundation for his career as an all-round captain or crew on motor yachts.


Arnold Timmer | Nauticon

As qualified delivery captain Hans has executed several delivery projects for Nauticon Yacht Services BV. We know Hans as a meticulous and accurate person that complies to the skills we look for in delivery captain. He has a good knowledge of navigation and safety, is a good manager and understands the necessity of hospitality and curtesy to the customer. For Nauticon Yacht Services BV Hans is a valuable freelance captain.


Fam. Lucas | Private MY owner

Hans has delivered our new motor yacht to the home marina. Based on a good and friendly relationship, he become our private skipper. Keeping the yacht every year in a mind condition and always ready for use. Hans also learned me to prepare a passage and how to control/operate. He is loyal and service minded to take care of everything.

At your service

You just found what you need, a competent crew member to navigate and control your yacht safe & secure. I’m a flexible and loyal RYA certified yachtmaster. Handling motor yachts up to 25 meters all over Europe. If you need assistance with a your yacht, or want relocate it to explore unknown waters, take me onboard to do an outstanding job.

Enjoy luxury yachting

With my passion in operating and taking care of motor yachts, I have met Gerard Chimelli (CEO of SmartYacht). He inspired me with the two unique concepts, for owning or using private motor yachts.

  • Fractional ownership
  • Vacation membership

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