15 October 2014

A special delivery to relocate a crippled MY for refit of the engines. Commissioned by Nauticon Yacht Service I was selected to to the job. (read more in de next tab…)

  • Length: 21 meter
  • Beam: 5.7 meter
  • Draft: 1.8 meter
  • Engines: 2x MTU 183TU (1000Hp)

Day 1: Gorichem (NL)
15/10/2014 Sleeuwijk (NL). On a Monday I received the application from Arnold Timmer and on Wednesday I conducted the delivery with a crewmember (deckhand). The weather conditions were very good. At 09.00 hrs. we arrived at the marina in Sleeuwijk (Veerhaven). After checking the necessary equipment and safety procedures, we started up the two 12 cilinder MTU engines for departure. Within 2,5 hrs we arrived in Heusden (Nautic Centre) without any problems. Transporting a yacht on own keel that has been under water for a while is a risk. There for the insurance company ordered that the transportation of the cripple Mochi 65 needed to be done by a professional yacht master. RYA Yacht Master Hans Kuiper of Nauticon Yacht Services BV was selected to execute this transportation and successfully delivered the yacht to her destination. Engineers of MoNo Marine BV ensured that the engines and electronics kept working during the trip.

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